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VPCHC 5-year Anniversary Celebration
Feburary 1, 2013

The Valley Professionals Community Health Center recently celebrated their 5-year anniversary on Feb. 1. The health center opened its first location in Clinton on Feb. 1, 2008, and has expanded to three additional health center sites in Cayuga, Bloomingdale, and the Mobile School-Based Health Center.

Pictured (L to R) front: VPCHC staff Amy Reed, Amy Clarkson, Peggy Marion, Mary Davidson, NP, Tiffani Martin, Alicia Shotts, Dr. Julia Wernz, Dee Taylor and Diane Wood. Row 2: Elizabeth Burrows, CEO, Jennifer Inman, NP, Tonya Dahl, Susan Cloyd, Robin Wienke, Donna Brown, Gloria Cook. Row 3: Jan Stutler, board member, Joanie Kanizer, board member, Stephanie Jeffery, T.J. Warren, CFO, Heather Corey, Kristi Johnson, Courtney Gentis, Michelle Laney, Sue Draper, Lisa Ray. Back: Lou Bonomo, board member, Linda Lonneman, LCSW, Eddie McFarland, COO, Becky Holbert, board member, Dr. Robert Ehresman, Dr. Greg Brock, Nikki Varwig, Dr. Jonathan Leggett, Dr. Eric Beachy, CMO, Jade Kelly, Paul Utterback, and Samantha Volstorf, NP.