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Diabetic Education Series

August 29th | 12:00 pm

About this event

Join us for our monthly Diabetic Education Series with Jill Slaven, Diabetic Educator.

Group meetings cover topics like healthy eating and snacking, grocery shopping tips, staying active, getting to know the signs and symptoms associated with diabetes, avoiding low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), and more.

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This series is completely free but all attendees must register to receive Zoom information.

2022 Schedule:

8/29 Diabetic Medications: What is Right for You?

9/26 Supplements and Diabetes

10/31 Another Trip to the Grocery Store!

11/21 Surviving the Holidays

12/19 Bright Spots and Landmines

Past series:

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Holiday Management of Diabetes

Even when everything goes according to plan, the holidays can be stressful. We get out of our usual sleep and work patterns, we may travel, eat out more, attend parties, have house guests—all of which can disrupt normal routines and, consequently, may disrupt the management of diabetes.

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