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What is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral Health describes the healthy functioning of personal well-being, family life, interpersonal relationships, and contribution to the community. Services focus on productive activities, fulfilling relationships, and fortifying a patient's ability to adapt and cope with the stresses of life.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes we all need a little help. Individual counseling helps explore and resolve issues that aren't getting better on their own. Patients work with a therapist to learn methods of coping and overcoming difficulties in their lives.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is useful in a number of scenarios, such as, creating better relationships within a family, or on a specific circumstance like divorce or the loss of a family member.

Child/Adolescent Counseling

Child or Adolescent counseling can help to resolve problems or disorders that can impede a child or adolescent's development, as well as, address difficulties that can potentially trigger emotional or behavioral symptoms resulting in trauma for the child or adolescent, parents, and family.

School-Based Behavioral Health

The purpose of school-based services is to work directly and collaboratively with schools to deliver school-based behavioral health tailored to student needs. These services are for a student whose behavioral and/or emotional challenges compromise his or her ability to attend to learning activities.

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