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Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Holiday stress management and healthy eating tips.

When you are preparing for the holidays…

  1. Know your spending limit. Lack of money is one of the biggest causes of stress during the holiday season. This year, set a budget, and don’t spend more than you’ve planned.
  2. Give something personal. You can show love and caring with any gift that is meaningful and personal. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.
  3. Get organized. Make lists or use an appointment book to keep track of tasks to do and events to attend.
  4. Share the tasks. You don’t have to do everything yourself.
  5. Learn to say no. It’s okay to say “mo” to events that aren’t important to you.
  6. Be realistic. Try not to put pressure on yourself to create the perfect holiday for your family.

During the holidays you may not be able to avoid stressful situations, but you can plan to respond to them in a healthy way.

  1. Take breaks from group activities. Pay attention to your own needs and feelings
  2. Keep a regular sleep, meal, and exercise schedule
  3. Limit your alcohol
  4. Get support if you need it

Tips for eating smart and staying healthy during the holidays:

  1. Find healthy alternatives to your favorite dishes
  2. Opt for homemade instead of processed foods
  3. Add more vegtables
  4. Slow down during meals
  5. Remember portion control
  6. Take a walk after dinner

Just remember we don’t have to strive for perfection. Make healthy, financially smart decisions, choose to be kind, take time for yourself, and exercise. Happy holidays to you and your families!

By: Leslie Batty, FNP

Source: Diabetes Education Services

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