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The link between oral health and cardiovascular disease

Several studies have shown a connection between people who have poor oral health and a higher rate of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke.


How does oral health link to cardiovascular health?

There is such a close relationship between systems in the body that a breakdown of one

system often causes problems with another.

According to an article by Harvard University, several studies have shown a 

connection between people who have poor oral health and a higher rate

of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke. 

A few causes have been studied.  One theory is that the bacteria that infects the gums

(Inflamed gums and dental cavities), crosses into the blood stream causing damage to 

the vessels. The damaged vessels cause small clots which result in heart attacks and 


Another theory is that infection in the mouth causes inflammation of the vessels 

resulting in vessel damage and not caused from bacteria.  Other factors which 

increase risk is smoking, lack of exercise, and lack of access to healthcare. 

Other disease processes have been associated with poor dental care including 

diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and metabolic syndrome (high BP, cholesterol, and blood 

sugar).  Regardless of the cause it is strongly suggested that access to dental care, regular dental 

visits, and good daily oral care, is another step in preventing cardiovascular disease. 

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Beth Fields, NP
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